Animal Control

Animal Control is handled through the contract the City has with the Hood River County Sheriff's Department. Please call 541-387-7037 for any animal control questions.

License Your Dog at City Hall Office

All dogs 6 months of age and older are required to be licensed in Hood River County and the City of Cascade Locks.  Licenses are available at City Hall Office.  Please have proof of rabies inoculation which must be valid for immunity against rabies for not less than 10 months of the licensing period.  If the dog has not been licensed previously, please provide a  spay/neuter certificate.  Dog licenses are good for one year of the date of purchase.

License Fees:

Fertile Dog: $30.00

Fertile Dog owned by a person 65 years or older: $20.00

Spayed/Neutered Dog: $15.00

Spayed/Neutered Dog owned by a person 65 years or older: $8.00

 Why license your dog?  In addition to it is the law, there are other good reasons!

  • A lost dog and it’s owner can be identified by the tag number.
  • You will be notified if your dog should be impounded.
  • A dog wearing a license will receive medical care if injured.


Keeping of Animals within the City of Cascade Locks:

According to Ordinance 375 Pets and pet animals maybe kept with the City limits as personal or family pets, with a limitation of a total of (5) dogs and cats in any combination, and a limitation of (5) pet rabbits per household.  NO wildlife or exotic animals may be kept within the City limits.