Municipal Court

Court dates are scheduled as needed. The Municipal Judge adjudicates all violations of the Municipal Code. For more information on Municipal Court, contact the Court Clerk, who is City Recorder Kathy Woosley at (541) 374-8484.

The powers and duties of the Municipal Judge are outlined in Chapter V, Section 22 of the City Charter. It states:
"The municipal judge shall be the judicial officer of the City. The municipal judge shall hold within the City a court known as the Municipal Court for the City of Cascade Locks, Hood River County, Oregon. The court shall be open for the transaction of judicial business at times specified by the Council. All area within the City shall be within the territorial jurisdiction of the court. The municipal judge shall exercise original and exclusive jurisdiction of all offenses defined and made punishable by ordinances of the City and of all actions brought to recover or enforce forfeitures or penalties defined or authorized by ordinances of the City. The municipal judge shall have authority to issue process for the arrest of any person accused of an offense against the ordinances of the City, to commit any such person to jail or admit him to bail pending trial, to issue subpoenas, to compel witnesses to appear and testify in court on the trail of any cause before the judge, to compel obedience to such subpoenas, to issue any process necessary to carry into effect the judgments of the court, and to punish witnesses and others for contempt of court. When not governed by ordinances of this Charter, all proceedings in the municipal court for the violation of a City ordinance shall be governed by the applicable general laws of the state governing justices of the peace and justice courts."

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