Snowplow Plan

Public Works will start removing snow when the snow level is two inches deep or as circumstances require. The streets have been broken down into three sections. #1 Red is first priority consisting of 11 streets, #2 Yellow consists of 5 streets and #3 green consists of 26 streets. There are 42 streets total that are plowed or sanded. Please click on the link below for a detailed map. 

Red - Priority One
Cascade Avenue,Watts Avenue, Benson Avenue,School Street, Oneonta Street,Wasco Street, Venture Street, Regulator Street, Tahoma Street, Edgewood Street, and Belle Street.

Yellow - Priority Two
Adams Avenue, Ruckel Street, Wheeler Avenue, Shahala Subdivision, and Windsong Terrace Subdivision.

Green - Priority Three
Port Industrial Park Road, Herman Creek Lane, Gravel Pit Road, Forest Lane, Pleasant Road, Hammond Avenue, Sunset Avenue, Cragmont Avenue, Walnut Street, Crest Drive, Clark Street, Riverview Drive, Lewis Circle, Lewis Street, Lakeside Drive, Hassalo Street, Harvest Queen Road, Bailey-Gatzert Street, Taylor Avenue, John Quincy Court, Moody Avenue, Katani Lane, Undine Street, Sadie B. Avenue, Mary Street and Eva Lane.

Questions? Call Public Works Field Maintenance Supervisor Sheldon Price at (541) 374-8484 or e-mail swprice@cascade-locks.or.us