City Electric

We welcome you as a new customer! Thank You for joining our community! Here are a few things you'll need to know...

Q: What do I need to do to start a utility account with the City of Cascade Locks?

A: All utility accounts require a security deposit (regardless of credit or payment history), and connect fees for each utility you subscribe to.

Utility Security Deposit - $300
Electrical Connect Fee - $30 (in town); $40 (out of town)

Q: What can I expect my bill to be each month?
A: The base fee for residential electric meters is $13.00. This helps pay for maintenance and replacement of meters as well as the street lights throughout town. Dodson/Warrendale/Bridal Veil (Southbank System) residents base fee is $23.00. Cost of electricity is $0.07795 per kilowatt consumed, $0.10465 per kw consumed for Southbank System. You may request an average of a previous account at a specific address if the information is available.

Q: What is an EMS Service Fee?
A: It is a fee paid by electric customers within our Ambulance Service Area (ASA) to help with costs associated with Emergency Services. Our EMS Department is funded through the general fund which has been seeing declining funding for all departments. The City Council voted to establish the EMS Service Fee to help defray the costs that come along with Emergency Services. 

**To connect electrical service, call City Hall for information at (541) 374-8484.

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