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Hood River County's Citizen Alert System

This is an automated program that allows you to receive notification based on your preferences for being contacted.  Notification is automatic when there is an emergency, catastrophic event or important community announcement. 

To sign up for the Citizen Alert System click the link below.  When you click on the link a dialog box will open that states; Login to your account, at the bottom of that box you will see "Don't have an account? Sign Up". Click on that to set up your account. 

You will be taken to an online form that must be filled out. It's a quick and easy way for vital, emergency information to get to you.

Link: HRC Citizen Alert System


 School District

Cascade Locks is served by the Hood River County School District. Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade can attend school in Cascade Locks. Middle School students attend Hood River Middle School and High School students attend Hood River Valley High School. For more information, visit the school district's website at


 Library Branch

The Cascade Locks Branch of the Hood River County Library, formally located at City Hall, has moved to the southeast corner of the Elementary School. For more information and library hours please click this link:


 County Government

Cascade Locks is located within Hood River County. The county seat is in Hood River, 20 minutes to the east of Cascade Locks. Find out more about county government and services at


  Port of Cascade Locks

Cascade Locks is home to the Port of Cascade Locks, a municipal corporation whose primary purpose is to facilitate the economic development of the Cascade Locks community. Link to Port of Cascade Locks' web page: